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"Grea" is named from the phrase from "Book of Rites", meaning exploration and continuous innovation. Since its establishment in 2000, Grea people have been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Forging ahead with determination and continuous innovation", and devoting themselves to the research and development, production and sales of new sericite materials. The series of products are widely used in coatings, cosmetics, electronics, plastics, paper, rubber, welding materials, new building materials, communications, aerospace industry and many other industries and fields. Products are globally exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

As a Chinese sericite material pioneer, Grea has always adhered to the technology-based development. It has established strategic alliances with many well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutes in production, learning, and research, and A provincial-level non-metallic materials engineering research center has been created relying on Anhui Provincial Enterprise Technology. The company has successively undertaken projects such as "National Torch Plan", "National Key New Product Plan", "Science and Technology Research Plan" and "High-Tech Industrialization Plan", and independently completed dozens of research and development, many of which have reached high levels in the industry and obtained national patent authorization.

Developing with continuous innovation, Grea will continue to adhering to the in-depth development of new sericite materials as its mission, providing more excellent products and services for more industries and regions; Forging ahead, Grea will continue to promoting the service purpose of creating value for customers, striving to become a global supplier of sericite materials!